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Brian Gross
Vice President, Engineering

Smartco International is an international sales, engineering, and manufacturing organization for innovative small kitchen electrics, cold brew equipment, coffee filters, glassware, kettles, rinsing sinks and products for the specialty coffee industry. We manage all aspects of product development, marketplace research, new technologies, manufacturing, logistics, and after-sales support. From concept to kitchen counter, Smartco delivers:

It's a competitive marketplace. We're up to the task.

Product Innovation

Smartco is proud to custom design and manufacture a variety of quality products. Because we excel in product innovation, always bearing in mind that the end consumer is the core focus, our coffee machines offer unique features and ease of use. We have in-house designers and engineers who work to produce original and unique products for homes and businesses.

Challenge us with new ideas and disruptive products and we’ll be successful together.

Millions made. Quality control one by one.

Manufacturing Experience

Our engineering team has been involved in the manufacturing of hundreds of millions of products. Despite these impressive numbers, we still ensure 100% product testing, component traceability, and on-time delivery. This attention to detail sets us apart. It not only helps us meet the strict standards of partners like GE and Walmart but their end customers as well.

Your requirements and standards in product manufacturing are critical to us. Material and component selection, life and abnormal testing, and process control are the first steps in successful manufacturing. You'll also benefit from our certification experience, factory audits, environmental compliance, sustainability, and energy reduction. Finally, timeline planning, on-time purchasing and production, and transportation know-how round out our experience and our differentiation. By simplifying your manufacturing needs, Smartco reduces your stress and helps you to focus on your business instead.

Strong Partnership

As a partner with Smartco, you'll appreciate the energy and productivity that comes from our solid connection with you.

Measurable Success

To make sure we're aligned, Smartco uses our partner's "yardstick" . . .

Our success is measured by yours.

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Brian Gross
Vice President, Engineering